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The U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Health supports testing for influenza and COVID-19 at select schools. Students and families at participating schools can sign-up for testing by following the below instructions:

How can I get tested?

  1. Use the below link to create a profile for yourself or your child on the Beacon platform

  2. Login to your account

  3. Select Respiratory Illness Testing from the list of popular programs at the bottom of your home page

  4. Complete the test intake form

  5. Select your school from the dropdown list

  6. Select the desired date/time for your appointment

  7. Get tested


Waiting for Results?

After testing, you will receive a notification by email or text that your results are available. Follow the notification link to login to your account and view your results. You may view your results at any time by navigating to your Visit History. 


School nurses and providers, please login to the Beacon platform here

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